Plymouth Ice Festival


If you did not attend the Plymouth Ice Festival this year, you miss having a wonderful time with family. Downtown Plymouth is a beautiful place with quaint shops. In the center of downtown the festival was held. Walking through the crowd of umbrellas on a damp winter day was fun. Upon approaching the entrance to the festival I was in awe of all the intrinsic designs within my view. The festival had something for everyone.

There was wood carving which I found fascinating. Disney Jr. was there and they kept the children (and adult children like myself) engaged. I restrained myself from getting on stage with the children. I truly believe the key to a happy life is to feel free to have fun and not concern yourself about what others may think.

There was a warming tent, which was greatly appreciated. As I entered, there was an array of activities for children, including face painting. I passed on the face painting, but maybe next time I will try it. After leaving the warming tent we took a stroll through downtown Plymouth. First stop, Starbucks. Next stop, a charming bakery which had the most fabulous ginger cookies I have ever tasted. My family and I decided we are going back to Plymouth this summer to enjoy strolling downtown and visiting the shops in warmer weather.

If you did not attend the Ice Festival this year, mark your calendars for next year. I guarantee you and your family will have a wonderful day.