Excellence at Erickson Elementary


image Mr. Aaron Rose, Principle of Erickson Elementary School states in his own words his vision of the school.

A note from the Principle

Erickson Elementary is a true community school with that neighborhood feel. Erickson will play an important part in the community and the community should play an important part in shaping our schools. Our students benefit when they receive an education that reflects the community in which they come from. This requires the community to contribute to the educational conversations that shape and support our instructional decisions. These educational partnerships can only be sustained when both parties benefit, therefore, we must find creative ways to support one another. We appreciate our Erickson families and community partners and they have demonstrated their trust and dedication to the excellence at Erickson throughout the years! I encourage parents, residents, business owners and other community members to reach out to Erickson and YCS. We are here to support our Community, and we cannot do it without you.


Aaron Rose
Erickson Elementary