It’s Springtime


The seasons offer us so much intellectually.  Just watching nature daily has a soothing effect on you.   Springtime is my favorite season.  Watching the budding trees.  The birds are chirping.  You can begin to see the grass due to melting snow.  Regardless of your life situation springtime brings a new awareness.  A reminder that nothing stays the same.  Springtime says even with some long cold days still remaining, warmer days are ahead.  Looking forward to seeing the bees, spiders, butterflies, crickets, etc.  In life we watch the changing season repeat themselves.  You can watch the ants and squirrels begin their work storing food for the upcoming winter.  The bears are out of hibernation eating everything they can find preparing for the winter.


All the critters are scampering around. Flowers will begin to bloom.  It is as if life is resurrecting.  Although life never ended.  The beauty of the seasons is it represents the stages we go through in life.

  •  Springtime – everything is new, fresh and an adventure.
  •  Summertime – everything reaches it’s fullness.
  • Fall – leaves fall off the tress, critters reach a fever pitch putting food away for the upcoming winter.
  • Winter- cold, grass no longer grows, everything seems to be reflecting on seasons passed.

Now it’s springtime.  The time of year when the sun shines a lot and it just makes you feel good.  It doesn’t matter what life has dealt you, springtime should renew your faith.  If you are just feeling like life could be better.  Once the flowers bloom, smell them.  Springtime offers so much to the human experience. Don’t miss out on it due to the rose colored glasses of life hasn’t been good to me,  See the beauty of each season of our weather and life.