Rob Weidbush and Artic Storm

Weidbush amd Artic Storm

Weidbush amd Artic Storm

If you live in or around the Ypsilanti area you have probably heard of Rob Weidbush and Artic Storm.  I met him when he volunteered at Erickson Elementary School.  His story is a fascinating one.  Mr. Weidbush was in a horrific car accident several years ago which left his neck broke in several places.  He has recovered significantly , but the injuries have left him in need of a service dog.

Artic Storm is a beautiful 140 pound white German shepherd service dog.  He has been trained to assist his owner .  He assist in getting Mr. Weidbush in and out of the bathtub.  He also assist him in getting up from a seated position.  Mr. Weidbush demonstrated for us the different skills Artic Storm has.  He dropped a butcher knife on the floor and Artic Storm picked it up by the handle and handed it to his owner.  He also dropped silverware on the floor and Artic Storm picked up each peach individually and gave it him.  See YouTube videos called Weidbush and Storm uploaded by Let’s Weigh In.  They two owner and dog are a delight to watch.

Mr. Weidbush has received national recognition (the President s Award) for volunteerism.  This man is inspiring.  After all he has gone through, he has not given on life.  We complain over small issues in our lives, not realizing some people truly have some hurdles to overcome.  Mr. Weidbush continues to volunteer in his community.  He is a very pleasant man to speak with and listen to.  He is genuine in wanting you to understand the purpose and importance of a service dog.

If you ever see a service animal with their owner dont pet them, they are working.  Children being children still had to pet Storm even after being told not too.  Storm and Mr. Weidbush didn’t seem to mind.    If you see Artic Storm, he may have on one of many costumes.  Storm has a costume he wears that carries medical supplies or a mobile difibulator. Storm will be dressed for any occasion.