Erickson Elementary School


Mr. Rose and some Erickson students

Mr. Rose and some Erickson students

Erickson Elementary School (Ypsilanti Community Schools in Mich.) has systematically restored my faith in the public school system. As a mother of 4 (four) adult children who went through the public school system, I watch the deterioration of the school system. Parent’s and educators alike seemed to no longer be engaged in what our children were learning. I was very active in my children’s education, at times sitting in the class rooms if my children had complaints, so I could make a determination of what the issue was. This dedication paid off.

Under the leadership of Principle, Aaron Rose, Erickson Elementary has set a new standard for excellence in education. I am a volunteer in Mrs. Jan Duncan, a second grade teachers class. I have watched how gentle, yet authoritative she is. She works diligently daily with the children, even giving those who need special attention what they need. Under Mrs. Duncan’s tutelage I have watched the growth of the children entrusted to her care. The school is doing their part in the education of the children that attend Erickson. They can’t do it alone. Parents have an important role to play. Parents must reinforce at home what the children are taught in school.

I have also watched the interaction between the staff. They are professional at all times. Everyone I come in contact with has a smile and they say good morning to you. As a volunteer I enjoy being a part of this excellence. The atmosphere at Erickson Elementary is warm and inviting for staff, parents, children and volunteers.

Next Thursday, January 30, 2014 I will post a statement from Principle, Aaron Rose about his vision for the school.