Polar Vortex What???



As most of us in the United States are becoming familiar with the term Polar Vortex, we should now take the time to find out why this was not an issue 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. As Our weather increasingly becomes colder, it should at the very minimum make you ask questions. What is going on? Why is the weather so extreme? Obviously, we should not look to politicians who have financial skin in the game for answers. We should ask people who care about the survival of our planet what is happening.

I have lived in Michigan all of my life. The snow is Michigan weather as I remember as a youth. This extreme cold is new. No need for anyone to panic. It is what it is, but if there is something our society can do to reverse what is happening, then we should do so. Why the politicians can’t error on the side of caution on this issue. All have families. I have skin in this game. As a widowed mother of four adult children, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law and seven grandchildren I want a place for future generations to enjoy as I have.

Why does it take a catastrophic event for world leaders to come together peacefully and work on a plan to end (what some refuse to say or call it) global warming. Do we need an event like the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” depicted? I am not a scientist, politician, or my name isn’t on the Forbes list. I am a citizen of planet earth and as a citizen I know what I have observed in my 59.5 years here. The weather pattern had definitely changed. The weather has changed for the worst only for those who can’t survive the bitter cold. Should this then be a survival of the fittest game. If that is the game the politicians are playing we all lose. Even the top 1% will lose if you can’t live on this planet. Hopefully they are not playing a game of chicken like they did with the debt ceiling.