A Shift in Perception


imageEach day when we turn on the news , we are saturated with weather related devastation, violence and the gridlock of our leaders in Washington, D.C.  If we are leading by example, what are we teaching our youth.

We have all witnessed our leaders squabble over the National Health Care Law.  It doesn’t matter which side of the issue you are on, our leaders sent a powerful message to our youth.  The Health Care issue went before the Supreme Court of the United States.  The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that National Health Care law was constitutional.  Next, some leaders still fought the issue in Congress by trying to pass laws that would defund health care.  Our youth paid careful attention to the response of everyone.  What was the lesson?  We taught them that the Supreme Courts decision is not final.  A far reaching consequence.

The violence in this country also seems to be escalating.  If this is true, then people doing good in this county is escalating.  This country was founded violently.  It was taken by force and is being maintain by force.  I am enjoying the liberties that this country gives.  I know it is maintained by our military.  My only point is this is a double edge sword.  Some youth can’t distinguish the difference.  They are shown violence is okay to protect our rights as Americans, but if your individual right has been impeded upon you can’t result to violence.  This is a topic for a national conversation.

The youth of today are wired differently.  They don’t see life and people the same way their grandparents did.  There has been a shift in perception.  This shift is how America elected its first African-American President.  This  shift is one of unity and peace.  This shift is one of “all men being created equal”.  This shift is loving your brother as you love yourself.  The generation that is not a part of this will eventually die off.  People are going to live in peace.  I truly believe that.  We can have peace in our lives now by just being kind to people.  Yeah, it’s that simple.  I have a finite number of heartbeats and I don’t intend to waste any of mine.  I am part of the shift in perception of peace and goodwill to all people.