Where are the Men?



As we age, I have noticed a significant drop in the number of men.  If married, most women become widows.  I am not pontificating that men don’t become widowers.  I am just stating that the numbers are so high for the women to be without their men.

Why are women outliving men?  The old myth was men worked hard all their lives and women stayed home making their lives less stressful.  No so for my generation.  I was married, worked full-time and raised four children.  I am a widow today because 20 years ago my husband felt chest discomfort for over two weeks.  He brushed it off and took Rolaids until he landed in the hospital in critical care from extreme damage to his heart. When most women feel any type of pain or discomfort we immediately make an doctor’s appointment.

I have asked several men when was the last time they had seen their doctor for an examination.  A 55-year-old man stated that he had not seen his doctor in 15 years.  This is not just an African-American issue.  The 55 year old  is a married white male.  I stated to him “everyone at age 50 should have their first colonoscopy”.  He laughed and said he was just fine.  He also stated that when it’s time for him to die he will.  I told him look around.  As we age haven’t you noticed that there are more widows than widowers.

Depending on age and gender there are medical tests that should be done.  Certain illnesses can be successfully treated if found early.   What is it about a doctors visit that a lot of men don’t like?

I have no answers to my questions.  All I can say is for any young man reading this blog, start now getting an annual physical.  The doctor is your friend.  Young men plan to have a long and prosperous life.  If you are married see a doctor for the ones you love, if you won’t do it for yourself.

Enjoy the videos at the top of the post.  Men if you want to be around as a senior citizen, start visiting your doctor annually.