Tiger Baseball


imageIt is very early in their season, but the tigers are off to a great start.  The game I attended although it was raining and cool did not disappoint.  They were thoroughly entertaining.  The energy inside Comerica Park has everyone excited.  Everyone is friendly.  Everyone speaks to you.  People whom you have never seen before just sit and start talking to you.  Everyone is introducing themselves and saying “hope to see you again at another game.

The game on this day was paused due to rain.  We took this time to walk through the park.  You can’t go to a game and not eat a ballpark hotdog.  Typically we would drink a lemonade or pop but this day was cool so we had hot chocolate instead.   A ballpark hotdog and hot chocolate yum.  People watching is also so much fun.  Especially the die hard Tiger fans who wore their insulated onesies to the game.  Those people were dry and warm.

Pitcher warming up

Pitcher warming up

Everything about a Tiger game is exciting.  The atmosphere is electric.  The game is interactive.  I was surprised at the seventh inning stretch, it was not as I remembered.  They had music playing with the lyrics  on the big screen.  Everyone participated.  I think I sang the loudest.

If you have had a bad day, week or month, go to a Tiger game.  It is guaranteed to lift your spirits.  You will not feel the same way leaving stadium as you did when you entered.  If you know someone who is feeling a little low, purchase some tickets and check out a game.  They will be grateful.  Also, some of the best pictures are taken inside or outside the stadium.

Statue of Lion outside of Comerica Park.

Statue of Lion outside of Comerica Park.

The Tigers won on the day I went.  The final score was 10 – 2.  Go Tigers.


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