Traverse City, Michigan



Beautiful sunsets in Traverse City.  Wherever you are in the city you get this view.

Beautiful sunsets in Traverse City.  Any of the beachfront hotels will give you this view.

Traverse City is a must see destination on your travels through Michigan.  The spectacular sunsets will soothe your soul.  Although my visit was before tourist season began, this city still has a lot to offer.

Minerva’s in the downtown district is a fabulous place to dine. My compliments to the chef.  The food is absolutely wonderful.

This taste as good as it looks.

This taste as good as it looks.  Chicken vegetable fettuccine

Also, you must go to Poppycock’s to dine.  Besides the fabulous food, they offer a live jazz band for your entertainment .  While enjoying family and friends you can rock to soothing music.

Chocolate  Oblivion

Chocolate Oblivion

Sometimes there is no need for food.  This delectable delight is satisfying to any chocolate lover.  One of many outstanding deserts Poppycock’s has to offer.

Bry's Estates

Bry’s Estates

Do not leave Traverse City without a visit to the wineries.  The wine tasting is fun.  You learn a lot about the different kinds of wines and meet wonderful people.  Each winery is different in their pricing.  Bry’s Estates offer a wine glass in their price for tasting wine.  I must say after a few sips, everything has humor.

Now add a spa day at Great Wolf Lodge, go shopping downtown, Lucky’s for bowling and lunch (best lunch ever) you will have experienced just a fraction of what Traverse City has to offer.  I must make a visit to this place at least once a year. It will take several visits to see everything.  Due to the fog that came in, we cancelled our drive up the peninsula.  That was a view I really looked forward too.  Maybe next time.


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