What a Difference a Lifetime Makes


Sitting in a restaurant I noticed at the next table a young child being kept entertained by an iPhone video as the parents were eating,  Yes, this kept the young child (less than a year old) entertained and quiet.  I laughed and began thinking about how I kept my children quiet when I went out to dinner.  These thoughts took my mind on a wonderful journey of my life.

When I was young we were excited to go outside to play.  The time of year didn’t matter.  It could be hot or cold, we would go out to play.  We entertained ourselves.  There is something to be said about a generation of people who don’t know how to use their own minds for the purpose of keeping themselves entertained.  We used to call that using your imagination.  We made up games and played for hours.  This form of activity didn’t cost our parent’s any money,

Do people talk to each other anymore?

Today in the electronic age, parents have to pay for everything.  A lot of activities doesn’t require that the children think at all.  All they need to know to do is turn on the equipment,  Then they can sit for hours starring at a screen.  I guess I will have to update everyone in a few years the effects of this type of upbringing has on children as I observe the lives of my grandchildren.

In my lifetime I have gone from having to go to a Drive-in movie to see a movie to watching live TV on my iPad.  I am not complaining about the life our youngest generation has, I must say I am enjoying the pleasures of the electronic age myself.


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